We had not intended on creating this recipe book when we decided to close our doors after 50 years in business. After about 2 weeks of our customers begging and pleading for some of our recipes, with our chili con queso (CCQ) bringing in the most requests of course, we decided to put this together! We wanted it available by the time we locked our doors and we have worked day and night on this project.

The book includes some of our 50 year history, our chili con queso recipe and 16 of our other proprietary blends and methods of making your favorite Don Chilito’s dishes. It is spiral bound which we have found is best for a recipe book. We even made the CCQ recipe easily accessible by being on the last page so it is easy to flip to! We worked with a local printer, Alphagraphics, because we always love to support local when we can.

We are so excited to share this recipe book with you all. You are going to be recreating your favorite Don Chilito’s meal in your home kitchen in no time!